About Us


Fitness is not just about machines. MAX Fitness is amongst the pioneers in the field of health and wellness. As a major player in the fitness industry, we aim to provide a unique, world-class experience to our customers.With over a decade of dedicated efforts and experience in manufacturing and supplying fitness equipment, MAX Fitness has established its presence across the country. We strive to design, manufacture and market dynamic exercise equipment, gym equipment and fitness gear, for both commercial and personal use.

Our premium brand is available everywhere, be it cosmopolitan cities or semi-urban towns. Powered by a nationwide clientele, MAX aims to become the most popular name in the fitness equipment and gym equipment industry.

We are proud to provide the finest exercise equipment incorporating superior technology, quality materials and skilled workmanship. This makes our fitness machines durable, functional, safe and economical. MAX offers high-quality, performance-oriented health equipment with excellent service.

Our customers are assured of fast delivery and complete satisfaction, no matter what they order and where they are located. If you want to experience the Power of Fitness, MAX Fitness equipment is the right choice.